Flood Control


When it comes to flood control, few companies know how to handle a flooding emergency as good as Drip Drop Plumbing. We understand the serious consequences that a flood in your home can cause, which is why we do our best to get out to you as soon as possible, using our high-tech equipment to put a stop to the damage.

Flooding issues in the Chicago area

Of course, many of us who live in Chicagoland are no strangers to flooding issues. Although our fair city possesses many beautiful qualities, the aging sewer systems in both the city and the suburbs are a definite disadvantage. However, as long as you have the right kind of plan in place, a flooded basement shouldn't be the end of the world. You do need to be proactive, though, taking care of any issues immediately.

Although the city of Chicago has committed itself to fixing the failing sewer infrastructure, chances are that this won't happen for at least another decade or so. Homeowners should not expect any major changes for quite some time, meaning that flood control needs to remain a major priority for anyone who owns property in the area.

Flood control becomes especially important during rainstorms, when the sewers fill up and start to spill into homes. Luckily, the experts at Drip Drop Plumbing know how to handle this extremely common issue. With our high-tech equipment and experienced plumbers, we know how to nip any flooding problems in the bud—before they develop into major crises. In fact, the best defense is a good offense when it comes to creating a flood prevention plan. Especially if you've just purchased a home, you'll want to get as much information as possible about any potential flooding risks in and around your structure.

Sump Pumps

Getting your sump pump checked by a plumber is always a good idea, as a problem with your sump pump can play a major role in any basement flooding.

Ejector Pumps

Another part that plays a major role in your plumbing is the sewage ejector pump. Although some customers attempt to DIY when it comes to the ejector pump, the best thing to do is to call in the experts. When it comes to getting a handle on flooding, time literally is money. The faster the problem escalates, the greater the likelihood is that you are going to be dealing with significant damage. By calling Drip Drop Plumbing, you can be sure that you'll get a fair and accurate assessment of your particular situation, preventing further damage from occurring.

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