Is Chicago Water Safe?

Leaky pipe

Is Chicago's water safe? Not according to a Chicago Tribune article from February 8, 2016. The article states,

“In a peer-reviewed study, researchers at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found alarming levels of the brain-damaging metal can flow out of household faucets for years after construction work disrupts service lines that connect buildings to the city's water system. Nearly 80 percent of the properties in Chicago are hooked up to service lines made of lead”.

The percentage of properties hooked to service lines that are lead, should be alarming, but not all that surprising. The origin of the word plumber comes from the Latin word plumbum meaning lead (my Latin teacher would be so proud). Since the early days of the Roman Empire until very recently, lead was the material of choice for water service lines. Now that the dangers posed by these service lines are more commonly understood, cities, including Chicago have begun replacing the lead service lines, but it is a massive undertaking and, as the EPA stated, dangerous levels of contaminants remain for years, even after the work is completely.

How to Protect Yourself from Lead-Contaminated Water

One way to protect yourself and your loved ones is with a whole house water filter. Because it purifies all the water that enters the house, as opposed to just the kitchen faucet, it can have many benefits besides your health. Your morning coffee will taste better, it is gentler on the skin, and it is environmentally friendly. With a whole house water filtration system, it will be safe to drink from any tap in the house. No more purchasing water at the store and no more recycling plastic bottles.

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